Veni, vidi, vici!

All trophies received


4 towns founded


8 towns founded


12 towns founded


2 towns taken over

White Knight

4 towns taken over


6 towns taken over

The architect!

Out of all your competitors, you founded the most towns upon reaching the rank of "Emperor".

A diplomat!

5 towns taken over by diplomatic means

Hostile Takeover

5 towns taken over by military means

Settlement Camp

A town has reached 3,000 inhabitants

Large City

A town has reached 8,000 inhabitants


A town has reached 15,000 inhabitants

Cosmopolitan City

Out of all your competitors, you had the largest town or city upon reaching the rank of "Emperor".

Let them eat cake

One of your towns or cities has achieved the maximum level of prosperity.

Middle Class

You have built 50 businesses.


You have built 200 businesses.


You have built 500 businesses.


Out of all your competitors, you built the most businesses upon reaching the rank of "Emperor".


You have built 1,000 km of roads.

Traffic Chaos

You have built 10,000 km of roads.

Boy Scout

You have discovered 10 Adventure Sites.


You have discovered 50 Adventure Sites.

Party Hero

You have celebrated your first festival.


You have entered into your first trade agreement.

2015-11-27 15:48:49


You have declared war.


You have unlocked all commodities.

Thrift Store

You have traded 10,000 barrels of commodities.


You have traded 1,000,000 barrels of commodities.

For a Rainy Day

You have amassed 5,000,000 gold.

Tax Evasion

You have amassed 50,000,000 gold.


You have unlocked an entire tree in the development diagram.

Veterans' Day

You have maximized the experience of a military troop.

Military State

You have recruited 100 troops in the game.


You have destroyed 5 bandit camps.

Big Game Hunter

You have slain 5 predators.

Customs House

You have plundered 10 traders.


You have plundered 50 traders.

Big Brother

You have built 10 defense towers.

Go to Hell

You have eliminated a competitor.







Being there is everything

Finished first multiplayer game

Victory across the front

Won first multiplayer game

You dealin', man!

Handed goods over to a fellow player


Snuffed out a fellow player's troop

All mine!

Took over a fellow player's town

Knights of the Round Table

Recruited a troop of knights

To arms

You have 50 units of military troops under your command

Set sail

You have built your first ship