Toon Star

Win all levels in all modes

2014-05-30 18:02:16

New Talent

Win any level

2014-05-14 18:33:14


Win all levels in Smack Attack mode

2014-05-30 18:55:12


Win all levels in Gate Relay mode

2014-05-30 18:06:33


Win all levels in Flag Rally mode

2014-05-14 19:45:25


Win 12 different matches with a single character

2014-05-14 19:45:41

Be The Boss

Earn a first place finish in each Desert level in Smack Attack, Gate Relay and Flag Rally modes

2014-05-30 18:06:34


Earn double smacks by damaging an opponent in Smack Attack while powersliding with the brake

2014-05-31 05:12:53

Flipping Out

Earn 10 boosts in one match by completing forward flips with the right stick

2014-05-14 19:44:49


Complete 10 sideways dodges in one match by using the right stick or L1/R1 buttons

2014-05-14 19:50:21


Flatten 3 opponents in one Gate Relay race by dodging into them with the right stick or L1/R1 buttons

2014-05-30 18:05:36

No Favorites

Win Smack Attack while getting points from at least 10 different weapons

2014-05-31 05:06:15


Win Smack Attack while using only your character's favorite weapon

2014-05-31 05:11:01


Win Gate Relay having used turbo boost 20 times

2014-05-30 18:06:34


Win Flag Rally with at least two captures of 3 or more flags at a time

2014-05-31 04:59:37

Smart Coyote

In Death Valley, drop the 100 tonne weight on an opponent by shooting the nearby target with your Basic Attack

2014-05-30 18:04:05