Completely OVERKILL

Complete everything. OVERKILL salutes you!

Coming in Hot

On day 1 of the Watchdogs job, don't let the cops shoot and destroy the escape vehicle.

Fish A.I.

On day 2 of the Watchdogs job, throw a loot bag into the sea, hoping fish move away as it gets near.

Guessing Game

On day 2 of the Firestarter job, complete the heist in stealth without hacking the computer.

The First Line

On day 3 of the Firestarter job, find the rare hockey poster of the OVERKILL hockey team.

F in Chemistry

On day 1 of the Rat job, blow up the lab.

Caribbean Pirate

On day 2 of the Rat job, bring additional meth bags to the trade, but steal your payment instead.

Short Fuse

On day 3 of the Rat job, get away with 7 bags without defusing any bombs.

Painting Yourself Into a Corner

On day 1 of the Framing Frame job, steal all sold paintings without being seen.

Big Deal

On day 2 of the Framing Frame job, trade 9 paintings.

I Wasn't Even There!

On day 3 of the Framing Frame job, send the gold by zip-line without ever tripping the alarm.

Smooth Criminal

Reach reputation level 25.

Career Criminal

Reach reputation level 75.

I got it, I got It!

Catch a bag mid-air.

I Knew What I Did Was Wrong

On day 1 of the Big Oil job, enter the basement, open the ATM machines and take the loot.

Doctor Fantastic

On day 2 of the Big Oil job, complete the heist with the first engine being correct.

Diamonds are Forever

In the Jewelry store job, steal and secure 4 bags without the escape car leaving the first time.

Let's do Th...

In the Ukranian job, complete the heist within 35 seconds.

Yeah he's a Gold Digger

In the Four Stores job, find a gold bar in a safe.

I'm Going All-in!

In the Nightclub job, put a bag filled with money on the poker table.

Shoot the Glass!

In the Mallcrasher job, destroy all windows in the mall.

Lord of War

On day 1 of the Firestarter job, steal all the weapons from the hangar.

King of the Hill

In the Park escape, ensure that no law enforcement enters the park before the escape van arrives.

You Shall not Pass!

In the Overpass escape, don't let the cops set foot on the bridge before you can escape.

Cappuccino to go, Please

In the Cafe escape, secure all loot and escape within 30 seconds of the escape van arriving.

Bullet Dodger

In the Street escape, complete the escape without killing any enemy snipers.

They see me Baggin', They Hatin'

On the Garage escape, get away with 8 bags.

Tip the Scales

In the safe house, find the hidden basement.

2014-05-10 17:02:41

I'm a Healer-Tank-Damage-Dealer

Spend 10 skill points in each skill tree.

Man of Iron

Equip the Improved Combined Tactical Vest.

Going Places

Gain $1.000.000 in total spendable cash.

No Turning Back

Complete your first job.

2014-05-10 17:05:19

Spend Money to Make Money

Spend $1.000.000 in total cash.

You Gotta Start Somewhere

Reach reputation level 5.

Guilty of Crime

Reach reputation level 10.

Armed and Dangerous

Reach reputation level 50.

Most Wanted

Reach reputation level 100.

Fully Loaded

Own 9 weapons.

Weapon Collector

Own 18 weapons.

No one Cared who I Was...

Until I put on the mask.

2014-05-10 17:01:15

Masked Villain

Modify a mask for the first time.

Armed to the Teeth

Modify a weapon for the first time.

Would you Like Your Receipt?

Buy a weapon for the first time.

How do you Like me Now?

Equip an armor for the first time.