Reach 100% completition in Campaign mode by obtaining all the stars.

Peace... Forever?

Finish the Campaign mode.


Upgrade a troop, projectile, spell or bonus room to its maximum level in any game mode.

Jewel Heist

Unlock 'Donkey Island' in the Campaign mode.

Rock Blocked

Unlock 'Mountain Passage' in the Campaign mode.

A Fistful of Hammers

Unlock 'Norsheim' in the Campaign mode.

Dragon Slayer

Kill a dragon with any hero in any game mode.

Troll Hunter

Kill a troll in with any hero in any game mode.

Crowd Control

Score a x5 or higher multikill.

Dropping Like Flies

Score a x10 or higher killing streak.

Angry Demolition

Destroy 3 enemy rooms with one shot.

Fight in the Shade

Shoot at least 30 javelins within a shooting frenzy.

Ten Heads

Make 10 headshot kills in a row in any game mode.

Hard Hat Area

Kill an enemy troop by collapsing his own castle on him in any game mode.

Chip Off the Old Block

Win the King's Tournament with the mystery knight.


Hold back all the attackers in the Shiny Forest.

Princess Rescued

Rescue the Princess from the city of Stonecrest.

Flight to Vikingland

Secure the Royal Airport to get a flight to Vikingland.

LZ Secured

Capture the Skyship Harbor of Vikingland.

Monster Killer

Kill the monster protecting Bladgard.

Royal Revenge

Defeat the final boss of the Royal Guard campaign.


Earn all the stars of the Royal Guard campaign.

Prison Breaker

Escape from the prison of Vikingland.

This is My Town!

Liberate Norsheim.

Throwing Like a Girl

Prove yourself a worthy leader in the Battle Arena.

Unwelcome Arrival

Capture the Royal Airport.

No Kingdom for the Old Man

Secure King Edgar's safety.

Fate of Traitors

Defeat the traitor's army at Stonecrest.

For My Father

Defeat the final boss of the Viking Elites campaign.


Earn all the stars of the Viking Elites campaign.