Collect-a-saurus Rex

Collect all 25 special bubbles.


Collect 15 special bubbles.

2010-12-19 10:15:41


Ace Inside Big Rex with 5 players.

Primitive Discoveries

Collect 5 special bubbles.

2010-12-11 11:21:16

Hotfoot It

Complete the race on Hot Stepping with at least 2800 Points left on the clock.

In the Move Groove

Complete the race on Learning to Move with at least 1000 Points left on the clock.

Ace Prehistoric Paradise

Ace Prehistoric Paradise.

Ace Cro-Magnon City

Ace Cro-Magnon City.

Ace Fossil Fight

Ace Fossil Fight.

Pterodactyl Terror

Achieve a score of 4500 in the Primordial Shoot Survival Challenge.

The Hiccups

Achieve a score of 4500 in the Acid Reflux Survival Challenge.

High Flyer

Achieve a score of 5500 in the Pterodactyl Toss Survival Challenge.

Molten Master

Achieve a score of 3500 in the Pyroclastic Flow Survival Challenge.


Destroy the T-Rex boss.