Complete 'Ring' Level

2010-12-20 13:39:12


Complete 'Goblet' Level


Complete 'Rod' Level


Complete 'Sword' Level


Complete 'Shield' Level


Complete 'Crown' Level

Bronze Master

Collect 20 bronze medals in Expert or 30 in Beginner mode

Silver Master

Collect 15 silver medals in Expert or 20 in Beginner mode

Gold Master

Collect 10 gold medals in Expert or 15 in Beginner mode

Speed Master

Complete 20 levels with lightning speed


Complete 15 levels in a row without falling

Ground Breaker

Began playing Cuboid

2010-12-01 18:57:54


50 falls

2010-12-02 06:22:47



Beginner Master

Complete All Beginner levels

Expert Master

Complete All Expert levels

Maze builder (Editor pack trophy)

Create and submit your own level

Architect (Editor pack trophy)

Create and submit 12 levels

Neophyte (Editor pack trophy)

Rate 3 levels created by other players

Virtuoso (Editor pack trophy)

Rate 30 levels created by other players

Amulet (Professional pack trophy)

Complete 'Amulet' Level

Axe (Professional pack trophy)

Complete 'Axe' Level

Helmet (Professional pack trophy)

Complete 'Helmet' Level

Professional Master (Professional pack trophy)

Complete All Professional levels