King of the Jungle

Complete both Adventure mode and Puzzle mode

Challenge Taker

Complete Challenge mode

World's Greatest Dad!

Complete 35 Adventure levels while also feeding Smalls to completion

Last Man Digesting

Survive to level 9 in Survival mode

Smart Mouth

Complete a puzzle level with moves remaining

Puzzle me this!

Unlock Puzzle mode

2010-11-05 07:22:46

Feats of Constipation

Unlock Challenge mode

2010-11-28 14:49:23

Feeding Frenzy

Unlock Survival mode

Circle of Life

Complete 10 Food Chains in a single level

Beverage and Fries

Complete 6 Combos in a single level

Crunchicidal Maniac

Pop a chain that is 15 critters long

Wilhelm von Puzzleworth

Complete 25 Puzzle levels

Smirk Wiper

Win an online Versus match

Veteran Food Eater

Reach experience level 5 in online Versus mode